Queen Elizabeth is the country’s most well-travelled monarch and has visited all four corners of the world. The monarch is rarely associated with great displays of emotion when out and about but a royal expert has revealed one time in particular when sharp tongues affected the royal. Kitty Kelley, in her book ‘The Royals,’ spoke of a less than happy time while Elizabeth was in Malta in 1950. According to Kelley, Elizabeth, for the most part very much enjoyed her time in Malta, where Prince Philip was in command of his own frigate.

“She was hailed as ‘the best-loved, the most notable naval wife ever to visit these islands,” wrote Kelley

However, the UK coverage of her time out in Malta was more personal and more critical.

They commented on both her wardrobe choice and her weight – criticisms which Prince Philip perpetuated.

“Newspapers took her to task for looking like ‘an Edwardian vaudeville queen’,” wrote Kelley.

“Carpings out her weight and wardrobe disturbed her more than criticism about her children, especially coming from her husband.”

Kelley recalled one episode in particular when the Duke upset his wife.

“‘You’re not going to wear that thing,’ he said when Elizabeth walked into this room to show him a new dress. ‘Take it off at once.’”

Kelley’s book also claimed Elizabeth went to drastic lengths to shed the pounds as a result.

She quoted Geoffrey Bocca’s early biography: “It was all very upsetting. The Empire had on its hands a Princess it adored passionately, but a Princess that was with overstuffed and overdressed.

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“As a non-smoker she did not have the assistance of nicotine to hold down the poundage.

“So she went off starchy food and she took appetite-reducing pills – a blue pill for breakfast, a green pill at lunch, and a chocolate pill at dinner.”

Any medications the Queen has are bought by servants in order to preserve her privacy.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had a much more public falling out when they were on royal tour in Australia in 1954. 

An Australian film crew caught the moment the Queen threw a pair of shoes and a tennis racket at Prince Philip.

Just moments after he stormed out of their villa, the Queen was shown to be screaming at him to stop and come back. She then quickly pulled him back inside, with the event being caught on camera by cameraman Frank Bagnall.

Royal press secretary at the time Richard Colville approached the film crew, with the film quickly exposed and handed over.

Moments later, the Queen appeared in front of them in a composed manner. She said to them: “I’m sorry for that little interlude, but, as you know, it happens in every marriage. Now, what would you like me to do?”

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