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Car tax changes 2019 – How you could soon be forced to pay significantly more each year

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), more commonly known as car or road tax is increasing in the UK for the third consecutive year in 2019.

British motorists could have to pay £65 more to tax their vehicle as a result of the announcement made in the Budget 2018.

It read: “From 1 April 2019 VED rates for cars, vans and motorcycles will increase in line with RPI.”

The highest polluting cars on the road face the £65 surcharge with it affecting vehicles that emit over 255g/km of CO2 emissions.

Cars that produce between 76g/km and 150g/km of CO2 will pay an extra £5. Vehicles that produce 151-170 g/km will pay £15, 171-190g/km will pay £25 extra. The highest polluting vehicles that churn out high levels of CO2 will understandably have to fork out more. Vehicles that emit 191-225g/km will pay £40 more and 226-255g/km will pay £55.

The top charges will only really apply to supercars, or thirsty SUVs and performance vehicles.

However, British motorists may be frustrated to have to pay any more for their VED after two years of increases.


In 2018 diesel cars owners whose cars didn’t comply with the latest Real World Driving Emissions 2 face paying one band higher car tax. This could cost you up to £500 extra annually.

For example, if your car emits 131-150 g/km CO2 but it doesn’t adhere to the new standard it will now cost you £500, which is the rate that cars that produce 151-170 g/km CO2 usually pays.

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Here are new car tax bands before and after April 2018 after the extra diesel charge was introduced:

1 – 50 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £10
FROM APRIL 2018: £25

51 – 75 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £25
FROM APRIL 2018: £100

76 – 90 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £100
FROM APRIL 2018: £120

91 – 100 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £120
FROM APRIL 2018: £140

101 – 110 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £140
FROM APRIL 2018: £160

111 – 130 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £160
FROM APRIL 2018: £200

131 – 150 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £200
FROM APRIL 2018: £500

151 – 170 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE:£500
FROM APRIL 2018: £800

171 – 190 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £800
FROM APRIL 2018: £1,200

191 – 225 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £1,200
FROM APRIL 2018:£1,700

226 – 255 g/km CO2
PRE-APRIL 2018 RATE: £1,700
FROM 2018: £2,000

Over 255 g/km CO2
RATE: £2,000

VED also increased in 2017 where new standardised rates were introduced alongside inflated first year fees.

The changes also saw a luxury car surcharge applicable for any car that costs of £40,000. Costing motorists an additional £310 on top of their annual VED rate.

As a result, only pure electric cars costing under £40,000 are exempt from paying car tax in the UK.

The changes meant that some drivers faced paying up to 25 times more to tax their car than before.

This standard rate charge will vary for drivers depending on what type of car they are and what fuel they use.

  • £140 per year for petrol and diesel vehicles
  • £130 per year for ‘alternative fuel’ vehicles, such as hybrids
  • £0 per year for zero emissions vehicles, such as fully electric
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