World War 3: Iran launches military drills to ‘counter AGGRESSION’ as Israel wages WAR

The Iranian Army involved 12,000 units as well as support from the country’s air force following the launch of its “Eqtedar 97” exercises being conducted in Isfahan’s city of Nasrabad. The exercise was aimed at evaluating recent changes to the structure of Iran’s ground forces as well as assess the power, mobility and agility of the troops. Commander of Iran’s Army Ground Forces Kiumars Heidari said the drills “will send a message to our enemies that the Iranian army is readier than ever to counter any aggression”.

The exercise utilised armoured units, artillery, rapid-reaction forces, mechanised infantry, airborne units combat engineering, telecommunications and drones among other modernised tactics, according to the army’s public relations office.

The multi-phase exercise began when Mohajer drones and R-4 helicopters conducted an exploration mission.

Troops from the army’s 55th Airborne Brigade and 25th Rapid Reaction Brigade were parachuted into the target zone by CH-47 Chinook and Bell 214 helicopters.

The Iranian army claims to have achieved “record-breaking” results as they tested the ability to move their forces quickly across large expanses of territory.

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The Iranian army said: “The demonstration of the power and rapid movement of forces, as well as the support of airborne helicopters during all stages of the exercise, are important features at this stage of the Eqtedar exercise.”


Officials have repeatedly warned that Iran will not hesitate to strengthen its military capabilities- including its missile power.

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These military capabilities are said to be entirely for defence purposes and will reportedly never be subject to negotiation.

Iran’s aim is to deter leading rivals in the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel by training its forces in full public displays of power.

Earlier this month, the Iranian air force conducted more exercises known as “Fadayeeyan Harim Velayat 8 exercises” which included fighter jets and other forms of aircraft deployed to the Isfahan province.

There is now a growing rift between the US and Iran who were both battling Isis in Iraq and Syria but who now both accuse one another of destabilising the Middle East with their own agendas.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to abandon the 2015 nuclear deal sparked further conflict between the two countries.

The clash between Israel and Iran has increased in recent years as Israel has decided to target the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah movement along with allied militias and Iranian personnel.

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Until recently, airstrikes against suspected Iranian positions in Syria were thought to be connected to Israel and remained a secret.

Further clashes erupted on Sunday when Israel conducted a daylight missile attack on Iranian targets in Syria with Iran retaliating by firing a surface-to-surface missile at the northern Golan Heights, which was intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

Israel air forces then carried out strikes on Iranian targets near Damascus and on Syria air defence batteries.

Twenty-one people were killed in the Israeli raid in Syria early on Monday with 12 of them believed to be Iranian fighters.

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