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Fortnite Australian Open 2019: Summer Smash – Final placements and results – FortniteINTEL

Some of Australia’s best Fortnite players converged together to participate in the Summer Smash event at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

The Summer Smash event was split into two events, one main solo event and a Pro-Am featuring Fortnite personalities and celebrities.


The solo event offered a $ 500,000 prize pool, which marked the largest esports prize pool in Australian esports history!

The winner of the solo event was able to walk away with $ 100,000 while second and third took home $ 50,000, respectively.


The popular esports organization, Renegades, came out with the Victory Royale as Jesse ‘X2Twins Jesse’ Eckley claimed multiple Victory Royales and the $ 100,000 cash prize.


Here are the top 10 final placements from the Fortnite Australian Open 2019: Summer Smash:

  1. X2Twins Jesse – $ 100,000
  2. Araki – $ 50,000
    3. NotNaapr – $ 50,000
    4. TheSchnake – $ 25,000
    5. Gosu_Keith – $ 25,000
    6. Jynx – $ 25,000
    7. Dolf – $ 5,000
    8. DevourOCE – $ 5,000
    9. Kayez – $ 5,000
    10. Tayler_is_me – $ 5,000

The Pro-Am event was a three-match duo competition that offered prizes that would be donated to the charity of the winners’ choice.

Renegades’ Harley ‘Mrfreshasian’ Campbell won the Pro-Am event and was able to donate $ 50,000 towards his charity of choice.

The next Fortnite esports event will be at IEM Katowice with the ESL Katowice Royale on January 24.

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Top invited organizations and players have been invited to IEM Katowice to compete for $ 600,000!


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