Unbelievable technology sends you TEXT to warn when your partner is in ARGUMENTATIVE mood

Artificial intelligence sensors have been developed to monitor a person’s vital signs, like heart rate, sweat levels and changes in volume of voice. Couples at risk of a row are then sent a message via a smartphone to help them diffuse the situation. These include breathing and meditation exercises.

A person on their way home from work, for example, could receive an early warning about a husband or wife being in a bad mood who is already home –or vice-versa.

In a trial with 34 couples, the team found the sensors were able to detect signs of conflict with 79 per cent accuracy, which was later improved to 96 per cent.

Dr Theodora Chaspari, a computer scientist at Texas A&M University who is part of the team developing the system, said it could be useful for bickering couples who are attending counselling sessions as the sensor could alert their therapist to an impending row so they could intervene.

Dr Chaspari added: “We would like to be able to eventually provide ‘in-the-moment’ interventions in real life that could potentially help avoid or easier solve the argument.”

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