You've been defrosting your car incorrectly: You won't need to de-ice again by doing THIS

By using a simple piece of kit and a little bit of preparation, you may never need to defrost your car’s windscreen again.

Nobody enjoys going out on a cold morning to tediously shift ice from their car’s windscreen before setting off.

Laboriously scraping the ice off the windscreen is tedious and can also be problematic.

You could run into a number of problems through negligence which means you could land a fine for incorrectly deicing.

If you fail to correctly shift all the ice away from the windscreen then you can be fined for an offence dubbed as ‘portholing.’

This refers to when there are patches of clear glass surrounded by ice which creates obscured vision.

Motorists can be offence as it could be extremely dangerous on the roads.


Another offence motorists can be penalised for is .

Utilising the car’s heater is a good way to clear some of the ice as it raises the temperature of the glass, causing the ice to melt away.

However, you could be penalised for engine idling which carries a £20 which can rise to £40.

What’s more, you could also invalidate your insurance if you leave your car unattended while defrosting with the engine running.

This could also leave you susceptible to having your vehicle stolen by opportunistic thieves.

You could be needlessly risking all those things and negate the possibility of ever needing to land a fine by simply preparing the night before.

Buying a windscreen cover could remove all possibility of a fine.

Applying a cover the night before could prevent ice from forming on the window as long as you secure it properly.

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Typically these covers will prevent any ice from appearing on the windscreen.

If the screens are, however, fitted incorrectly then some ice still can form around the edges but the heater should be able to deal with that quickly or a quick spray of deicer should remove the remaining bits.

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