Wow, Sean Penn Is Really Pissed Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born Hasn't Dominated Awards Season

When A Star Is Born was first screened, audiences couldn’t stop raving about Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut. “Oscar frontrunner” was being thrown around left and right. As award season has played out, it has certainly been in conversation among the best films of the year, but it’s no longer expected to sweep the night, as other contenders have dominated.

When Oscar nominations were announced, A Star Is Born was recognized in eight categories, but Bradley Cooper’s name was notably missing from the Best Director short list. Actor Sean Penn has now penned an essay with Deadline to explain why he thinks A Star Is Born is being snubbed and how that’s a problem. Here’s how he put it, in part:

Per Sean Penn’s words, it looks like Bradley Cooper may be getting overlooked because he’s regarded as a young talent and a “star” perhaps with more work on the horizon. As Penn notes, not recognizing Cooper for the accomplishment of A Star Is Born due to this doesn’t do justice to what he achieved with the musical drama starring himself and Lady Gaga.

In his essay, Sean Penn continued by pointing out the strengths of A Star Is Born, expressing how the love story is about the “flawed contemporary characters we are” and doesn’t pander to the politics of today — perhaps referencing fellow Best Picture nominees Black Panther and BlacKkKlansman. He also continued with these words:

Sean Penn likely penned this in hopes of elevating A Star Is Born’s chances at some golden trophies following Bradley Cooper’s snub for Best Director — among other overlooked films of 2018 such as Eighth Grade, If Beale Street Could Talk, Won’t You Be My Neighbor and First Reformed.

A Star Is Born was no question a massive undertaking for Bradley Cooper. He co-wrote the script, starred in the film, and sang original songs live – some of which he helped write — and he directed the film. For the actor to receive nods for his work as actor, screenplay, etc. but not for helming it all doesn’t make much sense, does it?


Bradley Cooper did break records on the BAFTA nominee list for being the first to be simultaneously be nominated for actor, director, screenwriter, composer and producer. We’ll see how he does when the BAFTA awards will be taking place this Sunday, February 10.

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After that, Bradley Cooper’s movie will take on the Oscars — alongside other contenders including Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, Roma and Vice. He will reportedly be performing “Shallow” live with Lady Gaga at the show on February 24 on ABC.

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