Queen Elizabeth II’s royal yacht included bizarre item – can you guess what it was for?

Queen Elizabeth II had use of the Royal Yacht Britannia from 1954 until it was decommissioned in 1997. It was designed as a royal residence to entertain guests around the world but also served as a private retreat for the family. The vessel boasted some very intriguing curiosities which wouldn’t normally be found on a yacht. Author Peter Pigott made the revelation in his book Royal Transport.

The Royal Yacht Britannia was home to several unusual features but perhaps most curious was the mahogany bar in the middle of the deck of the ship.

The royal bridge was where many photos of the royal family were taken – but what purpose did the bar serve?

Pigott revealed in his book that the wooden bar actually had a very important function indeed – especially for Elizabeth and other females.

“While it appeared to have no function, it was built to preserve royal modesty in case a breeze lifted the ladies’ skirts,” said Pigott.

This isn’t the only trick member of the royal family to prevent any fashion mishaps in the wind.

Queen Elizabeth’s hems fall below her knee and include tiny lead curtain weights sold by department stores in a bid to avoid any Marilyn moments. 


The oddities of the Royal Yacht don’t stop there, however. There was also a large area where the family could play.

“Within the royal quarters there was a large deck where the royal family relaxed and played, and one of their favourite games was desk hockey,” revealed the author.

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Perhaps, even stranger was one of the cabins. “There were unusual cabins like the Jelly Room,” wrote Pigott, “where the royal children’s desserts were stored, and the Silver Room.

“A yachtsman polished the massive silverware collection daily and understandably, a three-month deployment used 240 tins of polish.”

The Queen was also fussy about what she brought on the ship with her, claimed Pigott.

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