TCL's concept phone folds into smartwatch, Facebook slammed in new UK report video – CNET

This is CNET and here is stories that matter right now. Chinese company TCL is working on at least five new flexible display devices. Including affordable phone that could curve into a smart watch. According to company renderings and patent image [INAUDIBLE] obtained by CNET, the design include flexible tablets and phone The fold inwards and outwards as well as a phone that appears to curve into a wristcuff. British politicians have called for a new code of ethics for social media companies saying companies should face legal action from regulators if they fail to comply. In a new report released on Sunday, a UK parliamentary committee accused Facebook of intentionally violating data privacy laws but the report calls for a near compulsory quality social media giants. Facebook denies, has it broke the law? And finally, Huawei have been thrown a lifeline by the UK on 5G. According to a report in the financial times, the UK National Cyber Security Centre says Huawei would pose a manageable risk in 5G networks. Despite the US State Department warning China could use Huawei equipment for spying. [MUSIC] Start today with the latest by visiting [MUSIC]

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