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12 Amazing Kitchens With Glossy Tiles

For those who crave something different in their kitchen with hints of drama, glossy tiles are the answer. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they bring so much character to a room that it makes sense to create a stylish backsplash with them. Match your high shine tiles with even grander elements to generate a classic yet unique vibe. In 12 images we feature some of our favorite amazing kitchens with glossy tiles that will not only inspire you but take your breath away.

Timeless Elegance

We couldn’t start this guide any other way than by featuring classic white glossy tiles. There is something very timeless about having glossy white tiles, not only do they work well with any color palette, but they seem to add a little something extra. Pair with other neutrals to keep the room crisp and clean but with a hint of timeless elegance.

Dark and Sexy


When you think of your kitchen the last word that might come to mind is “sexy,” however, in this case, “sexy” is the only way to describe such a beautiful pairing. Display a backsplash of full black tiles and pair them with high-gloss cabinetry for that dark contemporary feel that brings elegance and edge to your home.


For a grandiose aesthetic pair use a blend of dark hues, and pair it with a metallic glossy tile backsplash. The metallic touch paired with the dark hues will bring a beautiful pairing in the most unique way.

Minimalist is Always Good

Opt for a simple tile display for that minimalist approach that is so well-known as loved. Therefore, consider having oak as part of your cabinetry. The oak will further enhance the minimalist approach while allowing the space to come back to life.

Gray and Blue

Gray and blue paired together has always been a classic form of making a statement, update the two by having different blends of gray and blue throughout the room. Consider having a classic appeal yet with a touch of daring color.

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Mixed Marbles

Nothing screams “kitchen décor” quite like marble. It’s a signature touch for most kitchens, take it a step further by having your tiled backsplash match your marble pattern. Doing so will bring a second layer of beauty while enhancing the classic, feel of the room.


Bring on the Blue

As previously mentioned, blue is one of those signature hues so much so that when you want to make a statement in the kitchen, it’s the perfect color to use. Add a blue backsplash in a neutral room to bring a brightening effect that makes sense.

Black and White

Luxury is defined by how a room makes you feel. Keeping that in mind, we love the appeal of a glossy black and white kitchen, its modern, its daring and it feels luxurious, add in unique tiles that bring the room back to life in an elegant manner.

Boho Chic

Bohemian styling took a backseat as of recently, but its back with a twist of revenge- pale gray tiles. They might seem like a simple touch, yet they make a huge impact when they’re paired with other bohemian bits. Add pale gray tiles to a room that’s a little more laidback and casual.

Mosaic Beau

Nothing screams modern fun, trendy, and appealing quite like a mosaic backsplash. Mosaic backsplashes are great because they add pattern, texture, and color exactly where you need it. You could have an entire backsplash with a mosaic display, or you can choose to blend your mosaic display with other tiles for a beautiful display.

Pattern Display

We love a tiles pattern, not only do you have the ability to create a colorful, glossy display, but you can also have a neutral backsplash with a unique pattern. The options are endless when you are working with tiles that come together to bring a brightening effect in your kitchen.

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Uniquely Done

Instead of having a traditional display of tiles, consider having a unique one. The idea is to have a patterned display that makes the tiles feel even grander then what they are. You might want to consider having smaller tiles they tend to make the biggest impact.


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