Google maps: Man baffles with very public behaviour – what is happening?

Google Maps’ Street View team were sent out to capture the stunning surroundings of a German castle and stumbled upon something very different. The team headed to the fairytale Lowenburg Castle, in the Kassel district of the European country, to capture shots of the 18th Century architecture. The tourist attraction is open to the public, many of whom flock to visit its vast parkland, former chapel and armouries as well as the main building. Yet one particular tourist seemed more concerned with fooling around than getting clued up on history.

He appeared to have spotted the cameras flying around in the sky, before deciding to have some fun.

Dressed in a blue and white checked shirt and brown trousers, he couldn’t be missed.

The individual initially appeared in front of one of the turrets, striking two separate poses.

He started off by standing to one side, pumping his right fist at something in the distance with a deliberately confused expression on his face.

He then switched things up as he sported a beaming grin and flung his hand in front of him as he strolled.

The man then seemed particularly taken by one of the stone lions keeping watch over the pebbled courtyard.


He stayed close to its foot and appeared to pretend to stroke the animal.

Meanwhile, in his final posture, he was seen pointing at something far away in the distance.

It is unclear how long the man stayed in the castle, standing in different positions for a variety of looks.

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It is not known if he does it often.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, a rather more terrifying scene could be found in Finland.

This time around, it was zombies who were taking over the grassy countryside site.

The zombie army form a tightly packed group, stretched all over the field in an military style formation.

But a closer look at the image showed something completely different to what first appeared.

Rather than a mob of man eating zombies, it was actually a collection of scarecrows all assembled together.

While it may seem strange a field would require that many scarecrows, it was actually an art inspection made in 1994 by the artist Reijo.

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