Prince Harry: Royal packed VERY unusual items when travelling before Meghan Markle

Prince Harry may be one of the most important men in the UK but that doesn’t stop him from needing home comforts when travelling far away. A royal expert has revealed some highly unusual items the royal chose to take with him when he visited Africa in 2008. At the time, the Prince was dating Zimbabwean-born Chelsy Davy. The pair were romantically involved on and off from 2004 and 2011.  

Harry and Chelsy had to frequently deal with a long-distance relationship during their liaison. One such occasion was eleven years ago when the now Duke of Sussex went to Lesotho in southern Africa to carry out charity work.

Katie Nicholl wrote in her book Harry: Life, Loss and Love that the now father-to-be packed three key things.

“He had packed his only creature comforts: a box of Kellogg’s cornflakes and his mobile phone to keep in touch with Chelsy, and some pens and toys for the children,” Nicholl said.

Despite being keen to stay in touch with his long-distance love, Harry enjoyed his time in Africa, according to Nicholl, and said he “had” to be there.

“Caked in sweet and dust and flexing muscles honed from a strict army fitness regime, Harry was in his element,” she said.

“It was July, the sun was searing hot and he was getting stuck into some seriously tough manual labour.


“‘I’m out here because I want to be – it’s where I have to be,’ he told the press.

“‘I first came out during my gap year and it was love at first sight, It is a wonderful country in spite of its issues.’

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“As he filled a wheelbarrow with cement and started to build a ramp, Harry couldn’t have seemed happier.”

Visiting Lesotho wasn’t the only thing Harry did on his gap year. Just as with many youngsters, the Prince took the most of the opportunity to travel extensively.

Harry spent part of his gap year in Argentina, working on a polo farm and improving his polo.

While he was there, Chelsy flew out to be with him. “[Harry] was thrilled,” said Nicholl. 

“They travelled by private plane to the Entre Rios province in the Mesopotamia region in northeastern Argentina for a romantic weekend,” Nicholls wrote.

“There they dined by candlelight on fresh barbecued fish after energetic days spent hunting and fishing.”

Staff at the lodge were the young lovers stayed spilled the secrets of what happened to the Mail on Sunday.

Harry and Chelsy were like any young couple in love, kissing and holding hands, and he seems quite besotted,” the paper reported. “They looked madly in love, and at one point Harry admitted that she was his first true love.”

Chelsy and Harry’s travel – and relationship – did not stop there, though. The Queen’s grandson also went on to join Chelsy’s family on the island of Bazaruot off the coast of Mozambique.

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