Best Portable Dishwasher

How To Find The Best Portable Dishwasher

Are you currently faced with having a limited kitchen space or a sensitive hand? If yes, the portable dishwasher is the most preferred solution to both of these problems.

Before we dive into the topic of whether or not portable dishwashers are worth the hype, let us start by answering this simple question of what is a portable dishwasher.

Best Portable Dishwasher

What is a Portable dishwasher?

Portable dishwashers are an alternative solution to the traditional built-in machines. They connect directly to the faucet, and therefore you do not need a dedicated water line for them to operate. When the job is done the water drains into the sink, and you can roll the portable dishwasher back into the storage.

Most units of the portable dishwashers are only about 18 inches wide (there are a few 24-inch models too) and some even have wheels so that they are easy to move around and manoeuvre. As far as functionality is concerned, portable dishwashers work like the regular ones and can often wash almost as many dishes including your pans and pots.

Besides being portable and compact, these dishwashers are environmentally friendly and thus suitable for all of your eco-conscious people out there. The water usage of about three gallons per load (around 11 litres) is nothing in comparison to 27 gallons needed for handwashing the same number of dishes.

How to Choose the Best Portable Dishwasher

There are basically few things you need to consider if you want to buy genuinely the best portable dishwasher on the market, and here is the following information you should look out for:

  • Type of Portable dishwasher
  • Check out the general features of your preferred portable dishwasher in respect to your needs.
  • The size of a portable dishwasher should be tailored according to your needs.
  • Noise

Are portable dishwashers worth it?

If you want to be ultra-practical, or you have limited space, opt for the Bosch top model portable dishwasher so that you can use the portable dishwasher as an island for prepping meals too.

These are all excellent reasons to buy a portable dishwasher, but the biggest reason is you and your well-being, you need not stress yourself through washing dishes in the age of technology. Keep your hands beautifully manicured and enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Regardless of your pocket size, dishwasher are essential kitchen appliances and a must-have to easy the stress of having to wash plates after use.

In this article we will be discussing more about a type of Portable dishwasher which is known as the Bosh portable dishwasher.

Everything you need to know about Bosh portable dishwasher

Bosch has one of the best-selling Portable dishwashers in the world, unlike every other appliance manufacturer that started with laundry or refrigerators, Bosch is a foremost dishwasher company.

However, Bosh can be incredibly confusing to buy because there are so many similar-looking models since they are over 35 units in 10 series but do not worry because here, we will list the top best Bosh portable products in the market.

The best Bosch dishwashers to consider for 2020 are listed below:

  • Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SHP87PZ55N
  • Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHP865ZP5N
  • Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher SHXM65Z55N
  • Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher SHS863WD5N
  • Bosch Ascenta Series Dishwasher SHE84AWG5N

Every Bosch dishwasher can heat the water to 161 degrees and uses no-heat condensation drying as they all have the basic cycles and can wash delicate like china and crystal. This is a common features/similarity among the dishwasher product from Bosh.

The 5 Styles of Bosch Dishwashers

Many of the dishwashers manufactured by Bosch company are precisely the same, just with few different in its frontal look. There are five styles of Bosch dishwashers.

  • Regular – More or less, it’s the same dishwasher you have with controls on the front.
  • Integrated – Controls on the front with a “scoop” handle under the control panel.
  • Pocket handle – Similar to an integrated handle only with a spot in the door for your hand. The pocket handle has become more famous because it matches every brand.
  • Towel Bar – Another integrated dishwasher with a towel bar handle. For towel bar certainly, this will match the handles of Bosch appliances.
  • Panelized – Some series are available with no front so you can place your custom front on your dishwasher.

What are the best Bosch dishwasher features?

Bosch dishwasher racks: Every dishwasher produced by Bosch besides the Ascenta series has the third rack in it. The better version of Bosch dishwashers has the more flexible “MyWay” rack.

Adjustable Rackmatic: The functionality of the adjustable rack is to ensure top rack go up and down as well as side-to-side. It has nine positions to fit most of your plates and trays.

3rd Rack configuration: Basic to MyWay with the ability to store silverware and more

Levels of Quietness: Another major difference between all the Bosch dishwashers is their quietness from 50-38 dBA (read The Quietest Dishwasher by Decibel Rating for an explanation).

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is more of an easy to use tech features now, but it is the future of some appliances. Wi-Fi is a bit spotty for most manufacturers, but Bosch, through the HomeConnect app, this feature works perfectly. There are essential functions which includes the on/off as well as a cycle countdown. The dishwasher can alert your phone when the cycle is complete.

Are Bosch Dishwashers Reliable?

Based on research, Bosch is one of the most efficient and reliable dishwashers in the world at 11.14%, especially when compared to Miele, KitchenAid and another portable dishwasher’s brand.

What is the importance of an appropriate water source regarding a portable dishwasher?

A portable dishwasher is worth nothing if you cannot connect it to a water source. Every unit has a hose that needs to be temporarily attached to a faucet. For this to happen, your sink faucet should feature a threaded faucet spout. Therefore, if you have a modern built-in sprayer, be prepared to go through some trouble before being able to use your portable dishwasher.

Namely, if you have a sprayer, you will most likely have to invest in the adapter. To install the adapter, you first have to remove the aerator, and sometimes that is not possible at all. So, make sure that you consult a professional or a faucet manufacturer to find out if the removal is possible in the first place.

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