Advance Your Career

Advance Your Career with A LEED Credential

Advance Your Career with A LEED Credential

Everyone aims at moving up the ladder in their professional careers. Besides many years of experience, taking professional exams is another valid way to speed up development in your professional field.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the best ways to advance your career. It is one of the most useful green building rating systems in the world. LEED primarily focuses on creating healthy, cost-effective, and environment-conscious green buildings.

Advance Your Career

There are two stages to get LEED’s full accreditation which are the;

LEED Green Associate exam is one of the most viable exams for individuals in the building and construction industry. It is the entry-level certification, and it will only require you to pass one test. The course focuses on the understanding of modern green building practices and principles, and this knowledge is quite essential for their professional future.

LEED AP BD+C exam, on the other hand, is for building design and construction, and this exam is one of LEED’s highest rating systems for professional certifications. It is an advanced certification for sustainability professionals.

LEED certification is suitable for professionals in various fields, mainly;

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • HVAC installers and designers
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Consultant in the construction industry

Major Bodies Involved In LEED Certification 

Also importantly, it is essential to know the roles of the three key bodies that are involved in the professional certification process of LEED. These bodies are;

  • USGBC: USGBC is the vital body in the LEED certification program as they created the LEED green building rating system.
  • GBCI: GBCI is an acronym for Green Business Certification, Inc. The body is responsible for overseeing LEED certification for buildings and accreditation for individuals.
  • Prometric: Prometric is the body responsible for operating the testing centers that oversee the exams.

Why You Should Advance Your Career with a LEED Credential

The goal to reach up in a professional career involves many steps, and taking professional exams is one of them. Here are some of the benefits of getting certified with LEED to your career.

  • It presents you as a professional with responsible and safe environmental building practices.
  • Home Builders and contractors can receive tax credits for putting up a LEED-certified building.
  • The knowledge of LEED principles will assist you in putting up valuable structures.
  • It boosts the level of your professionalism and helps your portfolio stand out among other competitors.
  • LEED certification will attract more clients to you; thus, speeding up your movement to the top of your career.
  • LEED-certified structures often have high lease-up rates; therefore, qualifying you for various incentives like zoning allowances and tax rebates.

How to Get LEED Certification 

It has become apparent that getting a LEED credential will be a significant boost to your career. Obtaining LEED certification requires you to apply and take their exams. The good news is that the application process of LEED Certification Exams is hassle-free, especially if you have the right guide. You can register for these exams in four necessary steps highlighted below;

  • Log on to USGBC official website at user account and surf the site to credentials
  • Choose the LEED exam category you would like to take
  • Follow the registration process on the website and complete it appropriately
  • Go ahead to schedule your exam date and preferred location on

Overall, LEED certification exams are not as complicated as most people take it to be. Once you know the right steps to take and the right paths to follow. You can make the process hassle-free entirely with LEED exam prep providers that specifically assist applicants through these exam processes.

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