Game-breaking bug forces Epic to invalidate Box Fight tournament results

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Fortnite’s first ever official Box Fight tournament will have to be rescheduled due to a glitch which compromised the scoring system.

During the last couple of months, Epic Games has begun to experiment with a number of alternative game modes for Fortnite competition. Running alongside the usual FNCS and Cash Cups, we have seen more LTM-based events, as well as the ongoing $1,000,000 Marvel Knockout Super Series.

Game-breaking bug forces Epic

This week’s Wild Wednesday Cup centred around the popular Fortnite Creative mode, Box Fights. Players had 3 hours to play out a maximum of 35 1v1 matches, earning one point per win.

First impressions were mixed. With the repetitive nature of Box Fights, many fans didn’t find the tournament particularly entertaining to watch or take part in. It was definitely a cool idea, but perhaps something like Zone Wars would have been more enjoyable.

However, this was not the biggest issue. During the tournament, NRG star Benjy “Benjyfishy” David Fish reported a significant bug. If a player left the match quick enough after losing, then the loss wouldn’t count.

Epic has now responded with a statement via the @FNCompetitive Twitter account. “Due to a bug, there was a scoring exploit in the Box Fight Tournament yesterday. The tournament scoring was compromised so we are invalidating the results. When the mode is ready, we’ll run another Box Fight Tournament” they explained.

This will of course be disappointing news to those who placed in the money without abusing the bug. Hopefully, in the future unique tournaments like this will be tested more thoroughly to prevent similar situations.


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