Secret Call of Duty Plague mode revealed for explosive Warzone Season 2 ending

Secret Call of Duty Plague mode revealed for explosive Warzone Season 2 ending
Call of Duty Warzone Season 2 could be ending with more than just the completion of the Battle Pass and the nerfing of some weapons. Dataminers believe they have found evidence that Warzone will be unlocking a secret new mode that will lead to the Verdansk map being bombed under a hail of Nuclear weapons.

Charlieintel shared the report today, revealing that audio files have been found that include references to Verdansk being overrun by Zombies.

The new Plague Zones would likely be populated by Undead creatures and could include players having to exfil before being overrun.

As always, these new reports need to be taken with a pinch of salt as there has been no word from Activision on how they are planning to end the current season.

But there have been rumours swirling for months that Verdansk would be removed as a map via a nuclear detonation.

This seemed to be on the cards in the leadup to the release of Black Ops Cold War, with new nuclear weapons being found and bunkers offering up secret Easter eggs.

But nothing solid emerged with the launch of the new Call of Duty game and Verdansk remained the only game in town alongside Rebirth.

However, while gamers are probably ready to move onto a new map that fits better with Black Ops Cold War’s setting, something this big probably wouldn’t happen until the end of Season 2.

A recent report from VGC backed this idea, confirming that the end of Season 2, likely set for April, would see Verdansk replaced.

The new Call of Duty Warzone map would fit more closely with Cold War and would be set in the Ural Mountains.

Using the popular Zombies mode to help destroy Verdansk might seem like a strange crossover, but it’s a great way of using existing content to create a new event for everyone to enjoy.

Zombies can already be found on the Warzone map, although heavily centralised to just one location.

Gamers who want to find them need to activate a machine on the shipwreck, before the Zombies start emerging in the broken hull.

Killing a number of them provides teams with keycards that unlock lucrative loot chests.

But gamers usually have to travel some way before they can actually spend whatever they found, with no buy station in the immediate area.

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