‘How dare you’ Piers Morgan brands Patrick J Adams’ comments on Royal Family ‘disgusting’

Piers Morgan, 55, has responded to an emotional statement from Patrick J Adams, 39, on Twitter. Patrick was Meghan Markle’s, 39, on-screen husband in the long-running legal drama Suits. Now he has come to her defence in a Twitter statement praising her over her navigation of an “archaic and toxic” family dynamic.
Piers responded to a series of tweets from Patrick earlier this evening defending Meghan ahead of her and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah.

He wrote in view of his 7.7 million followers: “Actually, what’s ‘OBSCENE’ is your friend trashing her husband’s family on global TV as the Queen’s 99-yr-old husband lies in hospital.

“How dare you attack our Royal Family like this, you jumped-up little twerp.”

Piers followed this with another tweet in response to Patrick’s statement.

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“It sickened me to read the endless racist, slanderous, clickbaiting vitriol spewed in her direction from all manner of media across the UK and the world but I also knew that Meghan was stronger than people realized or understood and they would regret underestimating her.

“And then they welcomed Archie. And on any sort of decent planet that would be a time to stop sharpening the knives and let these two people enjoy the magical early months and years of starting a family. But we don’t live on that planet and instead the hunt continued.”

He also addressed the bullying claims which have been levelled against Meghan this week.

Following allegations in The Times from Meghan’s household staff, Buckingham Palace confirmed they were launching an investigation.

A statement issued on behalf of The Duchess of Sussex denied the claims.

Patrick continued: “It’s OBSCENE that the Royal Family, who’s newest member is currently GROWING INSIDE OF HER, is promoting and amplifying accusations of ‘bullying’ against a woman who herself was basically forced to flea [sic] the UK in order protect her family and her own mental health.

“IMO, [sic] this newest chapter and it’s timing is just another stunning example of the shamelessness of a [sic] institution that has outlived its relevance, is way overdrawn on credibility and apparently bankrupt of decency.

“Find someone else to admonish, berate and torment. My friend Meghan is way out of your league.”

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