‘Saving my life from this poison’: Russian MMA flop ‘Bazooka arms’ shows horror scars after removing bicep enhancers

Russian MMA wannabe Kirill Tereshin, known as ‘Bazooka Arms’, has undergone a second surgery on his biceps to remove fake muscles which, according to doctors, could have poisoned his body and even killed him.

The fighter shared the news of his surgery on social media, thanking the doctor for saving his life.

Second surgery on my right arm triceps was successful. Many thanks to surgeon Dmitry Melnikov who dared to conduct extremely difficult surgeries and saved my life from this poison,” Tereshin wrote along with a picture of his operated arm penetrated with stitches.

Tereshin became a viral sensation after footage of his outrageously swollen arms caused a stir online. 

He artificially enhanced his biceps with a vaseline jelly-like substance, ignoring warnings that it might be dangerous to his health.

Tereshin shot to internet fame and attended many shows in Russia where he demonstrated his swollen biceps.

He made his amateur MMA debut in a fight against Russian blogger Oleg Mongol back in 2019, taping out to his rival after being placed in an armlock. 

But he has finally decided to remove potentially deadly enhancements after doctors’ warnings that he might risk amputation or even death.


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