Tom Jones pays tribute to wife on new song after she begged him to 'carry on' without her

The second verse originally said: “I’m growing drowsy in my chair, and I no longer ponder life, And though I save a lock of hair, I seldom dream about my wife.”

In his new version, Jones has changed the line to: “I’m growing drowsy in my chair, and I no longer ponder life. I don’t save a lock of hair, I often dream about my wife.”

The couple were married for 59 years and based in Los Angeles. After Melinda’s death, Jones decided to change his life and sell his US home to move back to the UK.

He told Holland how another song on the album resonates with his wife’s hopes for Tom and their son’s future after she was gone.

Jones said: “My wife, God bless her, she knew she had lung cancer and it was incurable. I said, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what’s going to happen’, because it happened pretty quick.”

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