Googlebox's Mary Killen forced to speak out as fake image of 'younger her' goes viral

A Facebook post claims to show a picture of Mary Killen as a model in her younger days. Despite some resemblance – mainly due to the hairstyle – the picture is not actually of Ms Killen. The post has been shared thousands of times and received hundreds of comments. 
The image shows a photo of Mary Killen next to a black and white picture of a model. The model is in fact Susan Shaw. 

The post reads: “Mary was a sort!!”

Facebook were quick to label the post as ‘false information’ but this didn’t stop thousands of people liking and commenting on the image. 

So far, the Facebook post has received 3.4k comments and 2.4k shares. 

Mary previously worked as a model and met Giles in 1980 at Wimbledon School of Art.

She moved to London aged 18, before becoming a journalist. 

Mary is now the Spectator’s resident agony aunt and has written books about the Queen and etiquette. 

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