Bitcoin could become global reserve currency when US dollar implodes, entrepreneur tells Keiser Report

Max Keiser talks to Jonathan Chester of about the new reality of a post-pandemic world and his company’s business model of allowing everyone to be paid their wages in bitcoin.

“I kind of believe that bitcoin is not going to displace the US dollar so much as the dollar is going to displace itself,” Chester says. “And when it does, what are people going to turn to? Do people really want the Chinese yuan? I don’t think so, it’s also heavily manipulated. The euro? Maybe it will exist in 10 years, or maybe not, who really knows?”

He adds: “So, looking at the alternatives, I think bitcoin is the obvious choice here… And when you have this ever-growing deflationary currency that’s really not so volatile in the future, it’s just going to be obvious to have it in your bank account because it is the most liquid way to store value in the world.”

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