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Steam DOWN as worldwide outage keeps Steam servers offline

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Steam DOWN as worldwide outage keeps Steam servers offline
Steam servers are down tonight, and gamers are unable to login and play from their digital libraries.

The big news is that this is a worldwide outage, meaning it’s affecting most of the player base.

No updates have come from Valve regarding what is causing today’s problems or how long they might last.

The good news is that most Steam outages usually last less than an hour, meaning these latest server issues could be fixed quickly.

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Gamers from across the world are reporting the same problems, with thousands of reports coming in from affected Steam users.

Many gamers were pulled directly from live games and dumped back to the desktop, with one user writing: “What is going on, dude. I was in the middle of a big raid!”

It’s unclear what might have knocked Steam servers offline, with the Steam Support page on Twitter providing very little in the way of recent updates.

And with Steam being offline, there will soon be a flurry of PC-only players flagging issues with titles like CS: GO DOTA 2 and Apex Legends. 


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Steam DOWN as worldwide outage keeps Steam servers offline
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