Anna Williamson opens up about isolating experience of motherhood during pandemic

The TV Presenter, 39, gave birth to her second child Eleanora three months before the nation plunged into its first lockdown in March last year. Anna has just launched the It Takes A Village podcast which showcases National Lottery-funded charities offering support to mothers needing extra hope, advice and guidance at this time.
She said: “We’ve all been feeling very isolated and I know it’s been a very different motherhood experience second time round for me. I have a four year old and then have a one year old daughter from just before the pandemic started.

“I noticed the difference enormously and I can only imagine how isolating it must be for first time parents.”

Speaking ahead of Mother’s Day tomorrow, Anna told how she has persuaded her 71-year-old mum to start using Whatsapp in a bid to stay connected and spend special occasions together remotely.

She said: “I would really encourage people to encourage their elderly relatives to get up to date with technology because I really think they will enjoy it. Seeing the pictures and videos of what you’re getting up to will just make their day.”

“I would say really utilise technology to speak to them, have them propped up on the dinner table or at Mother’s Day lunch and have them join through that.” 

“And next Mother’s Day, hopefully, will be a whole different picture,” she added.

The three podcast episodes released so far ahead of Mother’s Day highlight baby banks, grief and loss, as well as the importance of mental and physical health in parenting.

The mother of two, who is married to former personal trainer Alex Di Pasquale, added: “The response so far has been really great. I think people really enjoyed hearing about stories that perhaps they would have never heard or even known about otherwise.”

“We’ve got three episodes of our little Mother’s Day mini series to celebrate good causes and I had six incredible interviewees who are all doing amazing things with the help of lottery funding.”

It Takes A Village podcast can be found on Spotify or through the National Lottery website.

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