Benidorm: Express readers divided over appeal of Spanish resort – 'lovely' or 'awful'?

Benidorm offers the idyllic trio of sun, sand and sangria to some but to others it’s “undesirable” and a place to never return to. Daily Express readers have spoken up about their thoughts after a British expat recently shared how much she loved the “beautiful” resort in Spain. Many are divided on the topic.
Those to whom Benidorm appealed said they found the resort boasted clean beaches.

One reader who had worked in the travel industry said: “Benidorm is in fact an extremely well-run resort.

“Beaches are swept every night, policing is visible. There are restaurants and entertainment experiences to suit every demographic.”

What’s more, they advised cynics to “go back in the offseason, where the climate is wonderful, beaches superb and a few miles out of town you have magnificent countryside.”

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Fellow readers agreed, pointing out that while Benidorm has built up a bad reputation due to the ‘Brits abroad’ who visit the resort, this is not necessarily the sum of the hotspot.

“The people were lovely and their beaches are their biggest secret! Beautiful and clean! Yeah, it gets a bad rep with the antics of some youth, but in all a lovely place,” one wrote.

Others praised how well Benidorm caters to the tourists who flock to its shores.

“Cheap Strongbow on every corner, fry up every morning & fish-n-chips for every other meal… can see the attraction!”


Certain readers, however, did not hold back in their criticism of Benidorm.

“It just has to be the ugliest place in Spain,” one Express reader penned.

Another concurred: “What an awful place, it was everything we hate, full of drunken Brits (male & female) dragging poor kids around the bars & cheap eating places fit only for gluttons.

“The language was vile, the overstuffed bodies & over-pumped boobs & lips were hideous & it was so crowded & noisy.”

A few Express readers were more diplomatic in their approach, noting that the time of year one visits can make all the difference

“Lovely this time of the year. Horrendous heat and crowds in June, July, August and September. Unbearable,” one wrote.

“Good for a few days holiday, don’t know about living there though,” another said.

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