Next James Bond: Tom Holland on becoming 007 after Spider-Man contract – 'Dream come true'

Craig’s journey as James Bond comes to an end on September 30 when No Time To Die is released. After five films and 15 years, the British heartthrob will step aside for another actor to take the mantle of the legendary spy. Fellow Brit Holland has been making waves in cinema as Marvel’s Spider-Man for the past four years and the young star has confessed playing Bond would be a “dream come true”.
Holland joined Mark Wright on Heart Radio this week where he discussed his new Apple TV Plus movie Cherry, Spider-Man: No Way Home and putting on a Bond-like tux.

Mark said: “You look fantastic in a nice smart suit. And you’ve mentioned that you love wearing a suit and 007 is something you’d potentially throw your name in the hat for.

“What would that mean to you, to be Spider-Man and James Bond? That’s never happened!”

The 24-year-old replied: “Oh mate, it would be an actual dream come true. I’ve got to remind myself that I’m lucky enough as it is.”

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Holland said: “Spider-Man is an absolute delight and privilege to play. But you know, should they want to do a younger James Bond you best believe I would be there. It is what it is, we’ll have to wait and see!”

At the moment he is being beaten in the latest odds to play Bond. Inception actor Tom Hardy is currently the favourite with 2/1 odds on claiming the role – but anything could happen before the new 007 is announced.

But Holland’s odds may open up now his contract to play Spider-Man with Marvel has come to an end.

He recently said: “We haven’t got long filming now and it’s quite sad because this is the end of my contract after this film is up.”

Holland said he had one major stipulation for returning to the superhero series.

The star revealed: “We’d need to keep the same core team. The director, Jon Watts, is as much Spider-Man as I am. Zendaya, Jacob [Batalon].”

Director Watts helmed the first two films in the series, Homecoming and Far From Home, so bringing him back for further movies would be a no-brainer.

Zendaya plays Parker’s love interest, MJ, and has always been an integral part of the Spider-Man mythos, while Jacob’s character Ned is a newcomer to the series but acts as Parker’s mastermind while he is web-slinging through New York.

A contract renewal for Holland as Spider-Man is very likely, considering his previous 2019 film Far From Home grossed a staggering $ 1.132 billion at the box office.

Spider-Man is also Iron Man’s (Robert Downey Jr) protege. The hero was given all of Tony Stark’s technology and resources after he died in Avengers Endgame.

When another team of Avengers are brought into the Marvel universe Spider-Man would be the best option as one of the new leaders going forward.

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The Spider-Man films are available on Amazon Prime Video now.

James Bond No Time To Die is due for release in cinemas on September 30, 2021.

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