Ronnie O'Sullivan farts while potting black as WST Pro Series clash descends into farce

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Ronnie O'Sullivan farts while potting black as WST Pro Series clash descends into farce
Ronnie O’Sullivan and Tom Ford were both already eliminated from their group at the WST Pro Series yesterday when they met in the final dead rubber fixture. O’Sullivan in particular did not take the showdown seriously and was in hysterics during moments of the match.
The Rocket was one of the favourites to progress to the last 32 but he had a day to forget in Milton Keynes.

O’Sullivan beat Jamie Wilson in his opening match but it was all down hill from there, losing to Ben Hancorn, David Lilley, Chen Zifan and Lu Haotian.

Sandwiched in between those defeats was a win over Mark Joyce – a match in which O’Sullivan was docked a frame.

The six-time world champion turned up late so had to start 1-0 down. He then rattled through two frames in 14 minutes to secure the victory.

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It eventually came to mean nothing as O’Sullivan slumped out of the tournament with games to spare.

The 45-year-old had a bizarre final outing against Ford, which started with the pair joking about prior to the break-off.

O’Sullivan made an unusual mistake from the off as he struck the pink with his break-off to gift his opponent an immediate six-point lead via the foul.

The snooker legend’s second shot of the frame was a one handed effort as he balance the cue on the table instead of using the rest stick. Unsurprisingly, he failed to pot on that occasion.

Ford went on to sweep up the frame and more strange incidents occurred in the second.

Ford opened with a 48 break and O’Sullivan was half-heartedly looking to get back into the tie when he let out a loud fart as the black ball was rolling into the pocket.

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O’Sullivan, who averaged a ridiculous 11.1 seconds per shot, could not contain his laughter and he moved around the table continuing to pot.

He could be heard saying “Oh dear” to his opponent after letting out the ripper.

Meanwhile, after the tournament O’Sullivan explained why he was punished for turning up late against Joyce.

“Playing seven matches in a day, I just lost all track of time and that is why I was late for the Mark Joyce match,” he said.

“I got it all wrong, and was very confused! But it was alright as an event, even if I got pumped a few times.”

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Ronnie O'Sullivan farts while potting black as WST Pro Series clash descends into farce
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