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PS5 UK stock update: More Smyths drops inbound and GAME restock dates for PlayStation 5

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PS5 UK stock update: More Smyths drops inbound and GAME restock dates for PlayStation 5
PS5 customers have yet more chances to purchase the next-gen PlayStation console.

Smyths is the latest retailer to restock the PS5, beginning with a small stock drop on the morning of March 18.

Don’t worry if you missed out this morning, however, because Smyths is expected to put more consoles on sale throughout the day.

That’s according to the PS5 UK Stock Alerts account, which points out that Smyths tends to release stock in batches.

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“Was quite limited stock, now out of stock.. Keep an eye on their site because they do tend to release in batches throughout the day, we hope this is the case today.”

If you want to nab a next-gen PlayStation 5 console from Smyths today, then it’s recommended you check out THIS LINK whenever you’ve got a spare minute.

Fortunately, even more PS5 stock drops are expected to take place in the month of March, including another huge restock at GAME.

“If you didnt manage to get one, don’t worry,” reads a PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates tweet. “We still have the Smyths drop later half this week. Also several stores such as GAME are receiving stock next week! Expect next Amazon drop to be 1st week April.”

Despite the ongoing PS5 stock shortages, customers are having more joy when trying to purchase a console.

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This has led to prices dropping on the second-hand market, including places like eBay and CEX.

Indeed, UK retailer CEX – which was previously criticised for selling the console at hugely inflated prices – has reduced the PS5 to £650. That’s compared to the £800+ price tag from just a few weeks prior.

Prices on eBay are also dropping. Disc-free PS5 consoles are now selling for around £550, while disc-based consoles are starting to average out at around £650.

It’s a far cry from Christmas, when PlayStation 5 consoles were routinely listed for more than £900.

While second hand prices are still extremely high compared to the recommended retail price, it’s a positive step in the right direction for genuine customers looking to purchase a PlayStation.

The drop in second hand prices may also put scalpers off buying so many consoles in the future, which means more availability when retailers like Amazon, GAME and Smyths restock the device.

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Sony has also been working hard to address component shortages and manufacturing issues with the PlayStation 5.

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout and relaxing of lockdown rules and restrictions should make it easier to manufacture and ship consoles in the coming months.

It will be interesting to see if there are more shortages at Christmas, or if Sony will have finally managed to catch up with demand.

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PS5 UK stock update: More Smyths drops inbound and GAME restock dates for PlayStation 5
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