EE, Three and Vodafone customers might want to switch network once they see these prices

If your monthly mobile phone bill feels a bit excessive right now then it might be worth shopping around for a better deal. With most of us stuck at home, we’re not eating through anywhere near as much data as normal so it could be a good time to look at exactly what you are paying for each month. There are some serious bargains to be bagged and one of the best new offers we’ve seen in a while comes from SMARTY.
This network, which is actually powered by Three Mobile, has just cut prices with things now starting from as little £6 per month.

That’s very good value especially as one of the big bonuses of using SMARTY is that the firm doesn’t lock you into any long-term contracts which means you can leave at any time for another provider or a better deal. Basically, you can sign up now for the lowest 4GB of data then leave SMARTY as soon as we get out of lockdown and you need more internet allowance each month.

All of the plans also feature unlimited calls and texts plus there’s no block on tethering your phone to another device or using it in European countries.

Here are all the new prices from SMARTY

£6 per month • Includes 4GB data plus unlimited calls and texts

£8 per month • Includes 12GB data plus unlimited calls and texts

£10 per month • Includes 30GB data plus unlimited calls and texts

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Vodafone is also offering its unlimited data with prices starting from £22 per month which is a saving of £96 over the term of the contract.

Finally, O2 has a deal that features 150GB of data for £20 per month. This also includes six months of free Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.

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