Gardening: Carol Klein shares which bulbs you can plant now and reuse in years to come

With spring just around the corner, many Britons are trying their hand at gardening for the first time. While planting seeds and bulbs may sound simple enough, knowing what to plant and when to plant it is critical. Gardening expert Carol Klein spoke exclusively to about planting bulbs now.
Carol also said it’s really important you make sure your pot is the “right size”

She said: “If you have little bulbs use small pots, big ones, go for a bigger pot. You can always use it again.”

If you’re one for following trends and like your pots to match your garden’s aesthetic, Carol said to use plastic pots that fit into your ornamental pots.

She also said this will help if you’re limited on space.

“There are some gorgeous bulbs called ixia which are small in the short-term but you get a fabulous, quite exotic display out of them.”

Carol lives at Glebe Cottage in North Devon with her husband.

The gardening pro transformed her home’s outdoor space from a field into a stunning, countryside cottage garden.

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