Richard Madeley: 'Never see the light of day' Piers Morgan saved family from pap photos

“‘No, no — I did it as a favour. I’m suggesting I send one of our snappers to your hotel, do some properly posed holiday shots of you all, and run those instead.’”

But the presenter shook his head, replying: “‘That’d set a precedent. Every time we’re papped like this, we’d have to do similar deals. Thanks but no thanks.’”

He went on to explain that Piers asked if Judy was available to talk to and in front of them both on speakerphone, did a very noble thing.

“There was an odd, metallic tinkling sound,” Richard noted in his article for The Spectator, before remembering Piers saying: “‘Hear that? That was me chucking those photos in my bin. They’ll never see the light of day. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.’”

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