Naga fans rage at Boris as flag backlash grows against BBC star 'It's a culture war!'

Supporters have since come to Naga’s defence, including historian and Professor Kate Williams who stated the Government were fuelling a “culture war”.

In view of her 121,000 Twitter followers, Professor Williams penned: “The Government wants to whip up this pile on Naga Munchetty – a fantastic broadcaster who was expressing amusement at her co-presenter’s joke – to distract us from their failings, spending, Brexit, COVID. These culture wars are dangerous – real people are targeted.”

In a follow-up tweet, Professor Williams slammed Boris Johnson’s Government being more concerned about flags than the number of deaths as a result of Covid.

Social media users reacted to the post, as one remarked: “Damn straight, Professor Williams. Naga is a professional broadcaster, an asset to the BBC & I think she knows the mood of a room. Satire is a very British quality & one we shouldn’t ever let be crushed.”

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