Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho’s unhappiness with Daniel Levy emerges before Aston Villa

Speaking last summer, Trippier opened up on his move away from Tottenham and admitted he was hurt at being forced to leave the club behind.

He told the Beautiful Game podcast: “I had mixed emotions throughout the season. Injuries played a massive part (on my form). I told them I needed surgery.

“I could have been less selfish, playing-wise. But I couldn’t help it that I was getting picked most of the games.

“I was playing some of them at 60 or 70 per cent. Maybe I should have taken a step back, but we had City in the Champions League, Ajax…you want to play in these games.

“In March, April, I heard – through people I trust – they tried to offload me, offering me to clubs. So you’re getting mixed messages. If I play I’ll give my best, but that’s why I pulled the manager in pre-season and asked if I’m part of his plans.

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