Are summer holidays banned? Minister refuses to rule out travel ban extension

As summer draws closer so does the holiday season, and with millions of Brits itching to get away after months of lockdown restrictions many are wondering if a holiday abroad will even be possible this year. Even though Britain has celebrated record numbers of people being vaccinated in recent days, there are still fears that less vaccinated populations, including much of Europe currently, could provide a breeding ground for potentially vaccine-resistant strains of the virus.
The UK and Europe’s short-lived respite from COVID-19 in the summer of 2020 meant holidays were able to go ahead, with thousands of Brits jetting off to enjoy the sun.
However, the freedom was only temporary.

Travel restrictions came back in line with the second wave hitting Europe in the autumn.

Even though the UK has vaccinated half of its adult population, summer holidays may still be a distant pipe dream as cases increase on the continent, where vaccination rates are currently relatively low.

The earliest date summer holidays can resume for those in England is May 17, according to the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

Scotland and Wales have set the same date, but Northern Ireland has not yet announced a date for international travel.

Ms Nandy added: “We do need to be careful, we do need to be cautious, and frankly I haven’t booked a foreign holiday for this summer and I won’t be doing so because I don’t think we’re there yet.”

A Government taskforce is due to report to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on April 12, advising when international travel will be allowed to resume.

Travel abroad is only allowed for a limited number of reasons, such as education or work.

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