Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share easy sofa cleaning tips for leather or fabric

Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share easy sofa cleaning tips for leather or fabric
Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, posts regular cleaning tips on her Instagram account, which boasts four million followers. The cleaning guru is so popular that Facebook groups have been created dedicated to her, where fans often ask for advice from each other on how to clean specific household furniture or products.
Yesterday, one woman posted on a Mrs Hinch fan page to ask her fellow Hinchers about the best way to clean a leather sofa.

She said: “Help! My leather sofa needs a proper clean, any advice greatly welcome.

“I’m shielding so can’t go out shopping but will try getting things delivered to me,” she added.

The woman did not need to worry about going shopping as the post was inundated with comments suggesting that she use cleaning products that she may well already have in the house.

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Rubbing washing up liquid and water on your sofa using a sponge or a cloth seems to be a popular way to clean leather as it is also recommended on other tips-sharing websites, such as

Another piece of simple advice Mrs Hinch fans recommended was using Dove soap.

“Dove soap,” said one Facebook user, her comment receiving multiple likes.

Another cleaning fan commented: “Dove soap and a soft brush.”

“Dove soap on a sponge and wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth,” added another Mrs Hinch fan.

Dove soap is again a popular choice for cleaning leather sofas on other cleaning websites.

Make sure to use the Dove liquid soap, and if you don’t have Dove, you can try another mild moisturising soap – it doesn’t matter which brand.

The important thing to remember is not to use products containing chemicals that could cause damage to your leather.

The two most common chemicals that could cause damage are alcohol and acetone.

Using natural ingredients not only leads to better cleaning results, but are also environmentally friendly.

A natural ingredient that can be used to clean a leather sofa is coconut oil, as one Mrs Hinch fan noted.

She commented on the Facebook post, saying: “Use coconut oil and a cloth. Not only will it clean it but it will feed the leather and keep it looking new for years.”

When asked if coconut oil makes leather greasy, the woman said: “Nope, if it is real leather is just soaks right in. Makes it look amazing!”


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