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Gmail DOWN: Google's email app CRASHING as Android users can't access messages

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Gmail DOWN: Google's email app CRASHING as Android users can't access messages
It’s not a good evening if you were hoping to catch up on some emails. Hundreds of Gmail users are currently reporting issues with the popular app with many confirming that it crashes every time it’s opened on Android devices such as the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. The problems seem to have begun at around 9pm tonight with the gremlins still ongoing.
Independent tracking website Down Detector, which monitors mentions across social media to track when web services are offline, is suggesting that hundreds of Gmail users are currently experiencing the outage. In fact, at the time of writing, there are some 500 complaints every minute that users can’t access the app.

Speaking on Down Detector’s forum page one Gmail user said: “Gmail app opens then immediately closes. Phone restarted and also turned off then back on. App was also stopped and restarted. None of these were a fix.”

Whilst another added: “Same here! Gmail app opens then immediately closes!”

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It’s currently unclear what is causing the issues but it seems to be widespread with Twitter also full of complaints from Gmail users.

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One tweet said: “Android apps are crashing at random on several devices… Somethings up?”

And another mention on social media added: “I thought it was an issue with my phone and uninstalled the gmail app. After renstalling the app through the playstore, my phone won’t boot anymore.”

Along with Gmail, users have also reported problems with the Yahoo, Google and Amazon apps. Hopefully, Google will release a fix ASAP.

News of this outage comes after WhatsApp users faced a massive glitch on Friday evening which left hundreds of thousands of fans without access to the popular chat app.

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The problems also hit Instagram and Facebook.


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Gmail DOWN: Google's email app CRASHING as Android users can't access messages
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