Amazon launching vaccine sites at warehouses

Amazon announced Thursday it will launch vaccine sites at multiple warehouses across the country.

“Over the coming weeks, in partnership with local government and public health officials, we are beginning to host on-site vaccination events administered by licensed health care providers at an initial set of Amazon operations buildings in the United States,” the announcement states.[1]

Amazon has to wait until more vaccines become available to expand its program, but will begin in Missouri, Nevada and Kansas.


Since the process for vaccine sites will take time, Amazon is offering $ 80 to employees who get vaccinated at other sites.

Amazon warehouses have been a hot spot for the coronavirus with some warehouses having to temporarily shut down and multiple employees contracting the virus at a warehouse and dying from it.[2][3]

“This is an important initiative not only for the health and safety of Amazon employees, but for the communities where our teams live and work,” Amazon said.

Amazon outlined in their announcement how they set up a free COVID-19 testing program for their employees and have invested $ 2.5 billion in bonuses for its employees over the past year.

Many states have already opened up their vaccines to all adults or will be doing so soon. Millions in the U.S. have already been fully vaccinated from the virus.


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