Harry Redknapp spills 'guilty confession' about golf club visit ‘I’ve not been back since’

Harry Redknapp, 74, has admitted he was left red-faced after being caught pocketing golf balls during a trip to one of the UK’s most exclusive venues, the Queenwood Golf Club. The former West Ham manager spilled on his embarrassment while discussing his recent trip to the club, which is regularly attended by celebrity members.
While chatting to his co-host Dodge and their guest, comedian Tom Davis, during the latest episode of his podcast, The Harry Redknapp Show, the star detailed his unfortunate blunder.

Harry began by joking: “Tom, I could see you turning up at Queenwood though!

“Unless you know Queenwood, I mean, it is posh!”

Tom then quipped: “Harry, I’m turning up like John Daly!”

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Elsewhere, Harry shared a hilarious encounter he had with Prince Harry, 36, when he failed to correctly identify the royal, assuming he was one of his former players. 

The former Tottenham and West Ham boss was chatting to award-winning jockey Frankie Dettori on his podcast, where he recalled a “fella stretching” in front of him wearing a baseball cap.

In the clip shared to Instagram, Harry said: “And suddenly one guy stands up, and he looks up, ‘Hi Harry,’ he shouts up to me.

“I’m reading the paper. I looked at him, I went, ‘Alright mate?’ Carried on reading the paper.

“I thought, I know him from somewhere, and I’m looking, and I’m thinking, ‘Who is it? Did he use to play for me?’”

Suddenly the penny dropped for Harry when he realised it was in fact the Duke of Sussex.

Harry added in disbelief: “It was Prince Harry, right? And I’m reading a paper Frankie, and I’ve gone to him, ‘Alright mate?’

“Carried on reading the paper. Oh my God,” Harry gasped.

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