How to sell your assets fast on Unity Asset Store

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How to sell your assets fast on Unity Asset Store

So you had a goal, to sell an asset you created with 3dmax or blender on Unity Asset Store.

You have seen these people who have very good reviews and many sales in there and you are thinking to yourself how easy this can be?

Before you rush in and get your hopes crushed. Let me tell you the ways that will make you some pretty good money!

How to sell your assets fast on Unity Asset Store

What is trending now?

If you are not a gamer yourself, then you will have a hard time trying to create a winning asset. What you need to do is to go to steam and search for the most popular games.

When it comes to trending games you will get different categories like horror, survival and many other gamers that will give you an idea of why it was famous.

Normally a game that is doing well on steam, It will do well on YouTube in regards to UGC(user-generated content). Which is a good direction for which game you should make assets for.

Why steam? 

Steam offers a very good insight into the market for people who are both gamers and developers. And not all gamers are hardcore gamers, more like it varies from the Rockies all the way to professional gamers.

Direct emails

One easy way to do this is to contact emails for publishers or developers who could be interested in your game. Just go on Linkedin and search for developers and you will find tons of potential prospects.

But you can’t contact all of these people and there is a limit to what you can write. So it would be better to contact them by email. One way to get their email is to use where you only need their first, last name & their domain name. It’s a totally free tool but there are more paid plans if you want to use the best out of this tool.

Sharing on social

There are three ways in using social media for this, either you make Facebook ads, sharing on social media like in groups or you create YouTube videos for your asset.

This is what the vast majority of publishers do when they want to market their assets. This does work but you can’t rely on it alone as some of the assets you created could lose their shine fast if the trend stops.


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