Robert Rinder left 'in shock' after being mugged by 'three boys wearing balaclavas'

Robert Rinder, 42, took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to share the terrifying news that he had been mugged and had his phone stolen out of his hands by three boys wearing balaclavas. The star of ITV’s court revealed the boys “laughed” at him as he shouted for them to “drop it”.
Robert sent out a plea to anyone who may have seen or knows anything about the suspects, offering a financial reward if they are found.

Posting to his social media, he penned: “I’ve just had my phone grabbed out my hands by 3 boys wearing balaclavas on bikes (Finchley Road & Canfield gardens).

“They laughed as I shouted to drop it.”

The telly Judge admitted he’s been left in shock but was feeling lucky to be covered by insurance so he can replace his phone.

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A sixth fan snapped: “Find these horrible specimens try them in my court, this shows its not just women that are not safe on streets no one is safe walking the streets of our country. It’s wrong and government MUST do more. Fighting fire with fire is not right but sometimes its the only law they know.”

Another fan tried to lighten the mood: “Oh their panic when they realise they literally robbed Judge Rinder is going to be phenomenal.

Support from Robert’s fellow celebrity pals began to pour in, as singer Aled Jones penned: “Hope you’re ok and sending love.”

His ITV colleage Ranj Singh, also wished him well: “Oh no!! Hope you’re ok love!!”

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