Will the UK set up a travel corridor with the US?

Lockdown has deprived millions of Brits of a meaningful holiday for more than a year. The Government has grounded people across the country in a bid to prevent cases from transmitting between nations. But speculation has suggested there may soon be a way out, and travel bosses have called for clarification.

Will the UK set up a travel corridor with the US?

Travel corridors were the first proposed option for UK residents to enjoy a foreign holiday.

In theory, nations would agree to reduce restrictions for people travelling between them, opening up the possibility of a foreign holiday.

So far, most of the proposals have come from neighbouring nations in mainland Europe.

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Speculation has mounted that the UK could search for a travel corridor looking out from the east coast.

One expert, travel guru Paul Charles, has revealed the Government could negotiate a travel corridor with the US soon.

The CEO of The PC Agency, a travel consultancy firm, said negotiations between the UK and US are “proceeding positively”.

Safe travel between the two countries could become a real possibility by “the end of May”, he added.

Mr Charles said: “The UK/US governments are in negotiations at the moment which are proceeding positively, about a possible pilot bilateral corridor scheme to enable safe travel between the two countries after the end of May.

“One of the (eight) Global Travel Taskforce workstreams is called ‘Engaging with other like-minded countries’ – these are countries such as the US which have advanced vaccine rollout programmes and are focused on reducing infection and variant rates,” he told the Daily Mail.

“The Biden Administration has also been consulting in the US about opening up borders in advance of American Independence Day in July.”

Although encouraging news for many Brits, experts have so far warned the Government against allowing summer holidays.

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Fears a third wave could soon approach the UK have erupted as Europe issues new lockdown restrictions following a surge in infections.

The Prime Minister announced cases across the channel would soon “wash up” on British shores, seemingly anticipating another spike in infections.

Draft laws published on Monday would make it illegal to travel outside UK borders without a “reasonable excuse” until at least June 30.

Travel leaders have called for clarity from ministers as they anticipate the Travel Taskforce’s report on April 12.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, chief executive of the Advantage Travel Partnership, called for clarity as “damaging” speculation influences consumers.

She called for criteria for identifying “safe” countries and a “vaccine certification system”.

Ms Loe Bue-Said said: “What we need in this Global Travel Taskforce report is clarity from the Government to provide a criteria for countries that can be visited either based on vaccination numbers and/or transmission rates, so the industry and consumers can make informed decisions about their holiday choices.

“We also need any vaccine certification system to work hand in hand with testing for those who have not been vaccinated, and we would urge the Government to take a lead on reducing the cost of testing so that future holidays are still affordable, especially for families.”

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