Ammonite true story: Is Kate Winslet film Ammonite based on real life?

Did Mary Anning have an affair with Charlotte Murchison?

This is the part of the upcoming film which seems to be an example of artistic licence.

Mary never married and spent much of her life living with her ailing mother, Molly.

However, the visit of Charlotte Murchison and her husband, geologist Roderick Murchison, did take place.

It is not clear when the visit occurred, but Mary returned the favour and visited the couple in London in 1829.

Some have suggested Charlotte was the one who made her husband interested in geology, and contributed a great deal to his work, though this was never recognised.

Martina Kölbl-Ebert wrote in a 1997 article for Earth Sciences History: “She not only introduced him into the world of minerals, rocks and fossils but took an active part in the scientific pursuits which she had initiated, which leads us to conclude that her views are intimately connected with Roderick Murchison’s work.”

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