easyJet boss predicts European holidays could resume by June if 'green pass' goes to plan

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easyJet boss predicts European holidays could resume by June if 'green pass' goes to plan
easyJet[1] CEO Johan Lundgren has shown hope for European travel in the summer months if plans for the European Union’s (EU) “green travel pass” are pushed through. The airline boss says the travel[2] pass has given “consumers more confidence about the summer”, and believes it offers the “ability to travel” for business and leisure.
It may also include information on whether or not a person has previously been diagnosed with COVID-19 and thus has antibodies in their system.

Plans to “fast track” the use of the green pass were put forward by the EU, which the easyJet boss says is a great sign that there “will be a summer”.

“What it does is that it allows individual member states to put in context when it comes to thing like certification around if you have had the vaccine, also certification around potential testing and then also certificates about your recovery if you’ve had the infection before,” explained Mr Lundgren in a live webinar as part of Aviation Week.

“They are going to fast track that so the parliament has decided to give this to the council and then hopefully this will be ratified later tonight.

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“That means we could have this in place from what I gather as early as June.”

He continued: “It does give consumers more confidence about the summer.

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“This is about going from just speaking about and hoping there will be a summer and an ability to travel for business reasons, holidays and visiting friends and families.

“But that this is now a very clear and tangible thing which can be used to allow travel to start again in a safe way.”

However, the airline boss warned member states must work together in order to make the green pass a possibility in time for summer holidays.

“It is going to be up to the member states to fill the contract of this,” he explained.

“That is easier said than done because it will be needing quite a lot of work in how they will do that to make sure they get these certificates verified from the sources,” he said.

“Whether that is a hospital, or a vaccination centre, or a test centre.

“So when all is said and done we are very happy they have put a focus on fast-tracking this but what we have to make sure now is that the member states and the countries are using this tool.

“They have been asking the European Commission for a coordinated approach.

“Well now they have got that, so they need to make sure they do not go off in a different option or alternative or that we will then continue to live with very different approaches that some countries have been taking towards this, both in terms of restrictions and methodologies around testing.”

However, when Britons will be able to jet off on holiday remains up to the UK Government.

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According to the Prime Minister’s “roadmap” out of lockdown, this could be as soon as May 17, but he warns it will be dependent on the data at the time.

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