Holidays: Expert predicts 'green list' countries for Britons with no travel restrictions

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been successful in keeping its Covid cases down.

According to the latest data from travel brand The PC Agency, the country is very much in the green zone

It has 10.7 cases/100 000 over seven days cumulative (the UK has 56.0).

Travel to Sri Lanka is currently permitted after a temporary restriction on travel originating from the UK to Sri Lanka was lifted.

“Entry to Sri Lanka is subject to 14 days quarantine and PCR tests determined by the Health Authorities,” details the FCDO.

Caribbean Islands

A number of Caribbean Islands are keen to work on getting British tourists back to their shores.

Anguilla, for instance, has low case numbers and has implemented “resort bubbles” which sees holidaymakers enjoy their hotel, beach, nearby approved resorts and their restaurants.

Grenada also has very low case numbers and is in The PC Agency’s green list.

It has 0.0 cases/100 000 over seven days cumulative (but 5.3 cases/ 100 000 over 14 days cumulative).

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