Kate Middleton ‘tired’ looking as William more ‘protective’ of wife after Oprah interview

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Kate Middleton ‘tired’ looking as William more ‘protective’ of wife after Oprah interview
Kate Middleton and Prince William have made two public appearances since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah aired. An expert has commented on the couple’s body language after the bombshell interview.
However, the expert added that the Duchess isn’t looking her usual self with her body language looking “slightly more isolated and reflective-looking”.

Judi went on: “In recent outings though Kate has appeared looking slightly more isolated and reflective-looking. 

“Her habit of holding her clutch bags in both hands in front of her torso in a barrier gesture has returned, when she had previously appeared to be using much more confident rituals like holding her arms at her sides and even appearing empty-handed and using more emphatic gesticulation as she spoke.”

The expert also previously revealed that the Duchess was seen fiddling with her ring while on the visit to the ambulance station.

“Some of her more animated splay rituals that were defining healthier levels of self-esteem and status seem to have declined. 

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“Her eyes have looked rather tired recently and there appears to be much less of the fun ‘sparkle’ in her eye expressions, although this might also be caused by the seriousness of some of her causes and visits.”

The expert explained that William’s body language shows he is being protective of Kate in recent outings.

She said: “It has been said that William is being very protective of his wife since her name was mentioned during the Oprah interview and his body language recently would seem to endorse that idea. 

“Whether he’s holding an umbrella over her head in a very unusual gesture for the royals (Meghan did hold an umbrella over Harry a while ago when he was making a speech in the rain) or that rather telling moment when the press asked William about having spoken to Harry and William veered straight over to Kate to place one arm out in a protective and steering gesture to keep her out of the way of the topic, he seems more attentive, even using more eye-check rituals than usual during their video calls.

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“While their mirroring has become even more intense, suggesting like-minded thinking and goals, William’s behaviour seems to hint that he would like to protect Kate from any battles he might be involved in between the UK and the US factions of the Royal Family.”

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Kate Middleton ‘tired’ looking as William more ‘protective’ of wife after Oprah interview
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