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Overwatch Update Require Relatively Large Download for all Platforms

OVERWATCH UPDATE TWO: The Overwatch Anniversary event for 2020 is now live and full patch notes have been released covering everything that has changed on PS4, Xbox One and PC, today.

You find the full list of changes at the bottom of this article.

Early patch notes have confirmed that Anniversary event will make up a big part of today’s release but that there will be other changes too. This will include improvements to the Communications Wheel, as well as Patch Notes being shared within the game. Competitive Deathmatch Season 3 is also expected to kick off today and last until June 10.

Overwatch Update


PachiMarchi is here! Now through March 22, win games to earn Pachimari-themed rewards, including the new Pachimari Roadhog skin.

Learn more about the PachiMarchi Challenge on the Overwatch website.


  • Added “Damage FX” options to the advanced Video options menu that will reduce the amount of impact effects seen during gameplay and replays
  • Added a “Custom Spectator Options” menu for live spectating that opens when you press the “View Spectator Options Menu” button as a spectator
  • Spectator camera bookmarks in live spectating and replay viewing now also save the current “Camera Field of View” (FOV)
  • Added “Custom Game Invite Filter” and “Custom Game Invite Requests” settings to the Social options menu to allow players to change and save who they can receive custom game invites from
  • Updated how off-screen important elements (e.g. an exploding D.Va Mech) are displayed on the screen to make them easier to find

Ana: Biotic Rifle

  • Ammo increased from 12 to 14
  • Nano Boost
  • Can now be self-cast on Ana by using the interact key

Ashe: Dynamite

  • Damage reduced from 100 to 90

Baptiste: Regenerative Burst

  • Healing reduced from 75 to 65
  • Immortality Field
  • Now protects teammates to a minimum health threshold of 1 health, down from 20% of maximum

Bastion: Self-Repair

  • Now increases movement speed increased by 25% while repairing

Brigitte: Inspire

  • Healing removed from teammates when Brigitte is eliminated

D.Va: Boosters

  • Duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds

Echo: Duplicate

  • When Duplicate ends, Echo will be healed to 50% health instead of 100%

Genji: Shuriken

  • (Secondary Fire) Spread reduced from 9 to 8 meters


  • Duration increased by 1 second for each kill while active

overwatch update

Hanzo: Dragonstrike

  • Travel speed increased by 20%
  • Damage increased by 20%
  • Distance before the dragon forms from the arrow shot reduced from 10 to 5 meters

Junkrat: Concussion Mine

  • Minimum damage increased from 30 to 35

Lúcio: Soundwave

  • Cooldown increased from 4 to 6 seconds


  • Radius increased by 50%
  • Effectiveness increased by 20% at close range, falling off to -50% at maximum range

Mei: Endothermic Blaster

  • Ammo increased from 120 to 140

Mercy: Guardian Angel

  • Killing blows now reset the cooldown

Orisa: Protective Barrier

  • Health increased from 600 to 700
  • Cooldown increased from 10 to 11


  • New Passive: Damage taken while airborne decreased by 5% and damage taken while grounded increased by 10%

Reaper: Shadow Step

  • Removed voice line triggered upon arrival

Reinhardt: Earthshatter

  • Stuns closer targets for up to 3 seconds. Targets at maximum range are stunned for the standard 2.5 seconds

Soldier-76: Helix Rockets

  • Now has two charges
  • Damage reduced from 40 impact + 80 splash to 30 impact + 50 splash
  • Self-damage scalar reduced from 50% to 40%.

Sombra: Hack

  • Activation time increased from 0.65 to 1.15 seconds
  • Duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds


  • Cooldown is now triggered when the translocator used or destroyed, instead of immediately after placement
  • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds

Symmetra: Sentry Turret

  • Placement travel speed increased from 15 to 20 meters per second

Torbjörn: Deploy Turret

  • Now has two charges
  • Damage reduced by 40%
  • Health reduced by 40%

Tracer: General

  • Health increased from 150 to 175


  • Cooldown increased from 12 to 14 seconds

Widowmaker: Venom Mine

  • Damage increased from 75 to 120
  • Duration of damage over time effect increased from 5 to 6 seconds
  • Trigger radius increased from 3 to 4 meters

Winston: General

  • Health/Armor has been redistributed from 350/150 to 335/165

Wrecking Ball: General

  • Size reduced by 15%

Quad Cannons

  • Ammo reduced from 80 to 70

Grappling Claw

  • Cooldown increased from 5 to 7 seconds

Adaptive Shield

  • No longer prevents enemies from generating an ultimate charge

Zarya: Projected Barrier

  • Range increased from 30 to 34 meters

Zenyatta: Transcendence

  • The movement speed multiplier increased from 2x to 2.3x

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