‘I made a mistake’: Fired sports radio host says he was ‘horrified’ by on-air remarks about Serena Williams & Halle Berry’s skin

Axed sports radio host Rob Lederman, who was sacked over crass comments about skin color that included references to Serena Williams and Halle Berry, has issued a public apology, admitting his remarks were “foolish and ignorant.”

Loudmouth Lederman was embroiled in a scandal after comparing the darkness of toast to black women’s skin tones on the Morning Bull radio show on US station 97 Rock on Wednesday.

Describing his prefered toast color in reference to skin shades, Lederman namechecked the tennis and Hollywood superstars by saying: “I would never go to a Serena Williams level. But I’m very comfortable with a Halle Berry level.”

The show was removed from the radio station’s website after causing public outcry on social media.

Lederman was dismissed and his two co-hosts were suspended after several sponsors threatened to cut ties with the station in the wake of the scandal.

A day later, Lederman created a Twitter account to share a statement, saying he had “made a huge mistake.”

I want to sincerely apologize for hurting people with my foolish and ignorant comments yesterday,” he announced.

“After listening to what I said, and how it must have sounded to others, I was horrified. I 100 percent understand why people are justifiably angry.

“I made a mistake and it’s hard to look myself in the mirror, but I want to acknowledge it. I apologize from the deepest depths of who I am.”

Lederman claimed he wanted to educate himself so that the fiasco could “heal and not divide”, adding that he was seeking “guidance and learning” from his “friends” in the African-American community.

“I ask for your forgiveness and I pledge to learn, to do better and to increase my sensitivity and understanding,” he told “those who were hurt and those who don’t know me.”

“I want this to be the start of a learning process so that we, as a community, can become better.

“Please know that my comments were ignorant but not meant to be hurtful. I know that I, as well as many others, need to learn from this.”

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, who Lederman said he had later contacted, called the comments racist and branded them “outrageous and intolerable.”
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