Devastating Tornadoes Batter Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee

After a series of tornadoes and storms[1] swept through the Southeast and left at least six people dead, crews began cleanup efforts and residents took stock of the destruction.

The barrage of tornadoes, hail and rain began on Thursday, tearing apart homes and leaving debris strewn across Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Early Friday morning, crews searched through the wreckage for people who may have been killed or injured, and cleared roads of trees and downed power lines.

Fatalities were reported in Alabama and Georgia, including two people who lived in mobile homes and a family of three, officials said.

Hannah Carter of Trussville, Ala., rode out the storm at home. She put helmets on her children and took refuge with them, her husband and their dog in a closet.

“It’s been a crazy day,” she said.

— Aidan Gardiner

A bicycle stuck in debris in a destroyed home in Newnan, Ga.

Two women make their way down a debris filled street in Coweta County, Ga. today.

Damage from the tornado that touched down in Newnan.

A man walked through a house destroyed and roofless after a tornado swept through Newnan, Ga.

Damage at the Newnan High School from the tornado.

A damaged tree from the tornado that touched down in Newnan.

Fire Department officials make their way through damaged neighborhoods in Newnan.

Pastor Danny Poss removes a safe from the Ragan Chapel United Methodist Church after a tornado touched down in Ohatchee, Ala.

People in Coweta County, Ga., made their way down a street covered in debris on Friday.

A a house in Newnan is obstructed by a large, uprooted tree.

Rebecca Haynes Griffis holds up a photo of her daughters while sifting through the remains of her father’s home in Ohatchee.

A cyclist rides past houses that were damaged by a tornado in Newnan.

Power company crews begin the clean up process in Wellington, Ala., on Friday.

A woman combed a field for personal items the day after a string of tornadoes caused several fatalities in Ohatchee.

An American flag hangs as fallen trees are cut in damaged neighborhoods of Newnan.


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