Easter 2021 ideas: 5 fun, low-cost competitions and games for kids

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Easter 2021 ideas: 5 fun, low-cost competitions and games for kids
Keeping children occupied during any holiday is always a challenge but lockdown has made things even tougher for parents who don’t get a break. The Easter holidays are coming up, which means the children will be off from school for a couple of weeks, in need of amusement.
In normal times, it isn’t exactly cheap to keep kids on their toes with cinema tickets, theme parks and so on often costing a fortune, but for this Easter, it’s looking like another crafty weekend.

Luckily, it is possible to create some of your own fun at home on a small budget, and we’ve got a few brilliant ideas for you to try out yourselves.

Express.co.uk spoke to NetVoucherCodes.co.uk who shared some expert advice on how to keep children and adults alike entertained at home this Easter.


They shared a huge range of their interesting crafts, egg decorating ideas and games that will cost you virtually nothing.

A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “Finding fun activities that you can do together as a family can be tricky, especially with the current lockdown restrictions.”

“Making crafts and playing fun games is a great way to enjoy priceless family time, whilst saving money and staying busy.

“Kids love the excitement that comes with the Easter bunny and it can be tricky to keep them engaged over the break from school, even more so now than ever.”

Games and competitions for children this Easter season

Egg rolling

The tradition of rolling eggs down hills seems to vary massively from culture to culture and family to family.

Seeing as there is no seemingly right way, it might be time to start a new family tradition for the house.

Start by boiling a bunch of eggs, then decorate them using marker pens and spare craft materials around the house.


Once boiled and decorated, take them to a park with a big hill.

From the top of the hill, players can take turns rolling their eggs down.

The egg that travels the furthest wins!

Obstacle course

To easily kill a few hours at home, set up a simple obstacle course in the back garden or living room.

Give the course a sprinkle of imagination and an Easter theme, with plenty of hopping over hurdles (or sofa cushions), egg on spoon relays and hard-boiled eggs used as balls to knock over bowling pins.

Craft stations

Easter crafts go a lot further than egg decorating.

Setting up a craft station ready with some basic supplies can keep kids entertained for hours.


Make chocolate eggs

Buying Easter eggs can be very expensive, especially if you have several kids to cater for.

Prices of eggs are often slashed closer to the weekend, but there is usually a smaller selection.

A great way to save money is for families to have a go at making their own tasty eggs.

Melt a chocolate of choice down and use an Easter egg mould to get the iconic shape.

Decorate the eggs with tasty items, such as sweets and chocolate, and enjoy eating the creations together.

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