Is Reddit down right now or not working? Server status latest

Is Reddit down
Is Reddit down? UPDATE: Normal service looks to have resumed for Reddit following a widespread outage.

The Reddit Status page at 6.35am pacific time today said they were investigating issues users had reported with a fix rolled out after 7am pacific.

Since that fix was released Down Detector reports of Reddit down have tumbled and dropped sharply.

ORIGINAL: Reddit down reports are on the rise right now, with users reporting issues loading pages and getting server connection error messages today.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered a huge spike in Reddit down reports with thousands of reported issues being recorded.

Down Detector UK has – at the time of writing – recorded almost 6,000 Reddit down reports with downdetector registering over 26,000 reports of Reddit down.

Users that have tried to access Reddit on both desktop, mobile and the app have reported issues with Reddit loading.Redditors have also received error messages such as “sorry, we couldn’t load posts for this page” or “something went wrong”.

According to the official Reddit Status website, all systems are operational and no incidents have been reported on Sunday March 28.

However, the Reddit Status page has also seen a sharp increase in the Reddit error rate as well as a drop off in the rate of successful Reddit requests served.

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The @RedditStatus Twitter account is yet to tweet about today’s reported server issues.However, Redditors have flocked to the social networking site to report the issues they’ve been facing.

One tweeted: “@reddit Is it me? Or are you guys DOWN down?”

While another posted: “#Reddit is down, send #memes!!”

One added: “@redditstatus Hey, is Reddit down? Or is it just me?”

And another wrote: “Reddit down ahhhhh #reddit”.

According to Down Detector stats, out of those affected by today’s reported Reddit users 55 percent are having problems with the Reddit website, with 37 percent having app issues.The Reddit down issues come at the end of what has been a huge week for outages.

This week Android users across the world were hit with major issues with persistent crashing problems affecting a wide selection of the world’s most used apps such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

Google rolled out a fix but reports of issues with Android apps crashing were still coming in for days.

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