Our stoic Queen: 'Giving little away of any inner turmoil' after Harry and Meghan talk

The past year has been difficult for all, including Her Majesty the Queen. While Elizabeth II enjoys untold priviledge in her postion as Monarch, no one is immune to hardship.
In the past year the Queen has been locked down in Windsor with her husband Prince Philip, 99.

She has been unable to meet a number of new grandchildren, including Princess Eugenie’s son August and Zara Tindall’s third child Lucas.

Her husband the Duke of Edinburgh has recently been released from a month-long hospital stay during which he had a heart surgery.

In the same time, her grandson Prince Harry and his wife former-actress Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, gave a tell all interview with US television presenter Oprah Winfrey.

In it they addressed their leaving the Royal Family, including making accusations of racism within the family relating to their son Archie Harrison.

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“The Queen’s defiance of external emotional displays suggests she prefers a stoic and rather private approach to all the problems of life, which must have made all the Harry and Meghan verbal and non-verbal ‘sharing’ even harder for her to empathise with.”

The expert explained it would be difficult to tell the Queen before the bombshell interview and Philip’s hospitalisation and after because of this stoicism.

“Any ‘before’ and ‘after’ the Oprah interview differences in the Queen’s body language are minimal then, although there are some micro-changes that could be telling.”

At age 94, the Queen has lived through the Second World War and a great many other world events, including catastrophes in the Royal Family.

“Prior to Harry and Meghan’s accusations both William and Kate had been peaking in terms of confidence and enjoyment signals.

“Kate’s signature smile had turned into some congruent-looking laughter that was obvious even behind a face-mask and she and William had developed roles as individual royals as well as a solid team of two.”

In other royal news, Camilla Parker Bowles wore a dress in Greece that left fans stunned. 

Camilla’s dress was praised by Twitter users.

The Duchess wore a periwinkle blue dress, with a matching full-length jacket.

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